The Appellant

In November, Litro magazine published ‘The Appellant’, a short story I wrote in the form of a legal judgment.

You can read it here.

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Chapter One

The future is ours. Let’s save it together. The words appeared on the screen of Tom’s tablet the moment he switched it on. Beneath them, in smaller print, was the standard instruction to stay inside, and—naturally—the hashtag, #TeamUK. It was the same message every morning and every night. He swiped it away, opened his contacts, … Continue reading Chapter One

Chapter Two

When the lockdown began and the courts closed, arrangements were made for bail and sentencing hearings to be held via video. Trials, though, were immediately stopped. It wasn’t until Contaxx was launched, three months later, that it was deemed safe for courts to reopen and for trials to resume. And so with the backlog of … Continue reading Chapter Two

Chapter Three

There were two of them. They were standing on the pavement by the court’s gated entrance, wearing camouflage fatigues, blue rubber gloves, and white facemasks. They had guns slung over their shoulders and one of them—the tallest—seemed to be speaking into his radio. As Tom approached, the shorter one stepped forward and held out a … Continue reading Chapter Three

Chapter Four

A small door behind the judge’s Bench creaked open and Denham’s head poked out. ‘All rise!’ he called, before striding in and ascending the steps to his seat. He had a slim, handsome face, with a pair of horn-rimmed glasses perched upon a Roman nose. He sat down, switched on his laptop, and adjusted his … Continue reading Chapter Four


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